Blog - An on-line commentary of news or events that is written and maintained by NSTP. Blogs operate much like an on-line daily or weekly journal, with the latest blog entry appearing first.

Collections - a grouping of artefacts collected by a Museum or individual, which is then kept, preserved, organised and protected. Collections can be shared by way of exhibitions, publications, research or other activities.

Copyright - legislation governing the economic and moral rights to an original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work. Read the NZ Museums copyright policy

eHive - is an innovative web-based tool for cataloguing, organising and sharing collections. eHive forms the technical structure behind this website, and is the latest product by Vernon Systems Ltd.

Explore - Exploring is a way to browse content on the site without performing searches. You can browse through selections of content, such as types of museum. There are also random selections of content, such as the latest items posted.

Hapū - sub-tribe, extended family group linked through whakapapa to a common tupuna (ancestor). The hapū is the basic political unit within Māori society.

Hui - meeting, assembly

Iwi - tribe, a number of related hapū make up an iwi. The iwi are the largest politico-economic units in Māori society and generally define territorial boundaries.

Kaiārahi - Leader, guide

Kaitiaki Māori - Iwi caretaker/guardian, Māori guardian/custodian. Māori museum staff are not automatically kaitiaki Māori – the authority and responsibility are negotiated through consultation.

Kaumātua - respected elder

Museum - the term museum refers to museums, art galleries, whare taonga, tribal museums, cultural centres, historic places, science centres, interpretive centres and exhibiton centres.

National Services Te Paerangi - National Services Te Paerangi (NSTP) is a department at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. The role of National Services Te Paerangi is to strengthen the museum sector by providing practical and strategic help to museums and iwi throughout Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Search - Searches can be used to find museums and objects on NZ Museums. Searches can be broad or specific depending on what you are looking for, and search results can be further refined or expanded using the search tips. Searches can be performed from many different points on the website.

Tags - are descriptive keywords that users can add to a record to help others find that record. Tags are search mechanisms, a way to group records that share a common feature.

Tag Clouds - provide a graphical view of tags. The tags are listed alphabetically within each cloud. The more often a tag is added to records, the larger the font size of that tag within the tag cloud.

Taonga - treasure, property. Includes art objects and artefacts as well as te reo Māori (language) and the treasures of the forests and the fisheries.

Whakapapa - the principal of kinship, genealogy, lineage.