Aeroplane stained glass window


Aeroplane stained glass window

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The window is a feature in the front door of a house at 111 Mc Leod Road, on the corner of McLeod Rd and Te Atatu Rd, Henderson. The house was built in the late 1920's for Bob Johnson, one of New Zealand's first licensed aircraft engineers. The artwork reflects his involvement with Doug Mill and aviation at Hobsonville.

At the time this photo was taken the house was the headquarters of the West Auckland Women's Resource Centre, owned by the Methodist Church.

The history of the house is outlined in 'Methodism and aviation', by Richard Waugh. Published in Wesley Historical Society (NZ) Publication #58, Journal 1991-2 Pages 60-62.

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Early NZ Aviation. Talk by Richard J. Waugh, 1997-11-18. G:\Data\Talks.
Richard having been an active member of the Aviation Historical Society of New Zealand (est. 1958) for a number of years and a keen researcher of certain aspects of New Zealand's aviation past.

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