Exhibition Drive - 100 years of making the grade; Fiona Drummond; 9780473343217


Exhibition Drive - 100 years of making the grade




Fiona Drummond

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Back cover - "In January 1914 Exhibition Drive was opened and touted as a new and unsurpassed scenic highlight of the Waitakere Ranges, known as 'The Blue Mountains' of Auckland. Today, the name Exhibition Drive seems grandiose for what is known as a quiet track to take a jog, walk the dog or bike with the family. This account covers the period from 1914 to 1945 in detail, as the earlier part of this period was really the heyday of Exhibition Drive as a public road. It brings together the recollections of residents and users of Exhibition Drive to the present day; recounts the development of the concrete road to Titirangi, the Scenic Drive and foothills suburbs including Oratia, Waiatarua and Woodlands Park; and features relevant Heritage Walks in the Titirangi region."

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Soft cover, 215 pages


Oratia Media

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