Invitation [Diamond Wedding celebration of John and Mary Edie]; 1914; MT2011.185...


Invitation [Diamond Wedding celebration of John and Mary Edie]

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A printed invitation featuring a black and white photograph of a couple celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary. The couple are John Edie and Mary Edie (nee Shepherd).

The invitation is a small book-folded card. On the front is the photograph of the couple in later life. Inside on the left is handwritten an invitation to the recipient (in this case Mr & Mrs Dodds). Printed on the right are details of the planned celebration (for details see 'inscriptions and marks'), and on the back is personal information about the couple (for details see 'inscriptions and marks').

John and Mary Edie were the first settlers at Edievale (which is named after John). Edievale is located on the Tapanui-Raes Junction highway several kilometres from Raes Junction in West Otago, and in a larger area known for its gold mining from the mid-1860s. John Edie was one miner who tried his luck in that endeavour before turning to farming.

From a story in the book 'Beyond the Blue Mountains' (page 69) by Janet Wilson Joyce, it appears that Mary was a strong and hard-working pioneer. Before they settled in Edievale they lived at Waitahuna, and while John was searching for gold, Mary not only supplied miners with dairy products, but built a five-foot high sod fence around a fifty-acre paddock, later cropping and harvesting the large area. When John finally gave up his gold mining claim, he said to his wife "Mother, we're ruined! What'll we do?"
"Do, man!" she retorted. "We have strong arms and we will do what we have done before - we'll use our arms and work!"

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Inscription and Marks

On inside left side of invitation:
handwritten in pencil - 'Mr & Mrs Dodds'

On inside right side of invitation:
printed - '1854 1914 / The pleasure of your company is / requested at "Springfield" /on / FRIDAY, 24TH JULY, 1914, / At 11 a.m., / On the occasion of the / DIAMOND WEDDING /OF/ Mr & Mrs John Edie. / "Springfield," / Edievale.'

Printed on back of the invitation:
'DIAMOND WEDDING. / EDIE - SHEPHERD - - On the 24th July, / 1854, at St. Ann church, Dunfermline, / Fifeshire, Scotland, John Edie, of St. / Andrews, to Mary, eldest daughter of / the late Edward Shepherd, Cowden- / beath, Fifeshire, Scotland./




h 115mm x w 178mm


photograph, black and white

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processed material, paper

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From the collection of the Mataura and Districts Historical Society Incorporated.

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Sally Hannabus 23 Apr 2013 23:21 PM,UTC

I spent some of my childhood near Edievale and knew some of the descendants of the Edie family. The family's old wooden 2 storied homestead was a landmark of the district but is no longer there. My older sister worked in the store at Edievale and it was nice to make a reconnection with the district and the Edie family.

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