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pattern" "autum spelnder" "avondale pattern" "avondale selection camelot" "b coffee mug" "baby plate" "backstamp on mc alpine jugs" "ball base coffee mug" bamboo "banded coffee pot" "barclay decoration" basin beaker beer "beer mug" "bell water jug" "bellamys cream jug" "bevelled bottom cup" "bevelled bottom sugar" "blue casserole" "blue glen" "blue willow" "blue willow pattern" "bobble base" "bobble base mug" "bobbles kitchen jug" "bobbles mug" "bobbles oblong butter dish cover" "bobbles range" "bobbles spice or mustard pot" "bora bora" "breakfast cup" "bristile stacking cup" "bubbles mug" "butter dish" "butter pad" "butter pad teal" "butter pat" "c coffee mug" "calico farm" "california mug" "californian mug" camille "camille pattern" "canadian mug" capri "capri decoration" "caprice cliff" "carbine ashtray" carlton ceramic "cerealsoup bowl" charm charnwood "charnwood decoration" "chequered coffee mug" "china pattern mug" "chunky coffee mug" "chunky cup" "chunky sugar bowl" "circles in squares coffee mug" cistern classic "classic large" "classic bread and butter plate" "classic dinner plate 10 34" "classic shape" classique "classique chop plate" "classique shape" "coffee can" "coffee pot" "coffee saucer" "colour glaze" "cotswald pink" "countryside mug" coupe "coupe range" "coupe shape" "cream jug" "cross and dot coffee mug" "crown lynn" "crown lynn 3044" "crown lynn disney daffu dujcvk" "crown lynn markings" "crown lynn mug" "crown lynn mugs 1252" "crown lynn pink" "crown lynn plates" "crown lynn shell" "crown lynn titian coffee pots" "crown lynn white" cup "cyliindrical monster mug" "cylindrical monster mug" "d coffee mug" d069 d165 d166 d378 d51900 d988 "daisy coffee mug" "dance of the chromosomes mug" "david jenkin" "dc10 side dish" "dc10 side plate" "deep oatmeal" "deep oatmeal bowl" "dessert bowl" "diamond flute coffee mug" "diamond fluted coffee mug" "diamond handle coffee mug" "diamond stipple mug" "dinner plate" "dion bouton" "door handles" "door knob" "dorothy thorpe" "double opening specimen vase" "driftwood decoration" "driftwood vase horizontal" "driftwood vase twisted" "duet decoration" e echo "edge pattern mug" "egg cup" egmont "english animals range" "facets coffee mug" "factorie 1934" "fathers cup" "flair footed beer mug" "flared top straight sided soup cup" fleurette "floating bowl" "flora and fauna" "florence decoration" "flower beauty" "flower border" "flowers and berries coffee mug" fluted "fluted base coffee mug" "fluted shape" "footed mug" "footed tankard mug" "ford sierra" "fork scraped goblet" "fork scraped goblet mug" forma "forma butter base" "forma cream jug" "forma shape" "fruit bowl" "fruit dish" "gladiola vase" goldline "graffiti pattern" "grannies coffee mug" "gravy boat dish" "gray bouquet 339" "greece gravy boat" "greece gravyboat" "green bamboo" "green class like ashtray" "green willow" hacienda "hairpin coffee mug" "hampton pattern" "hand painted" "hand thrown" "handle coffee mug" "hanging planter" "hanover decoration" "harvest coffee mug" heater "heavy wall stacking threeclip ashtray" "her majesty" heritage "heritage 1800" "holdcroft bar holder" "homestyle decoration" "honey cup" "honey cup with 3056 handle" "hospital dish" "hotel jug" "hotel oatmeal" "hotel salt and pepper" "hotel saucer" "ice tins" "insulator salt shaker" "invalid cup" "invalid mug" "irish coffee mug" jar "jasmine flower decoration" "jigger tool holding arm" "john reid mug" "joohn reid mug" jubilee "jubilee bowl" jug "jug 20" "jupiter decoration" "kashmir rose" "keith sparling pen pot 15 years" kelston "kelston ceramics" "kens mug" "kiln fibre" "koranic wall plaque" "la mancelle" labeller "ladys slipper" landscape "landscape series" "large 4 spice jar" "large bread dish" "large classic" "large round baker" "large stacking hotel jug" "large tradition" "lid to 1239" "lid to 3623 stacking hotel sugar basin" "lid to truncated cone sugar basin 3042" "lighthouse symbol coffee mug" "linten decoration" "locking key" "london carlton cup" "lotus bowl" "lunch plate" "luncheon plate" "lying dog" "m laglandy" mahana "mark cleverley" "martins coffee mug" "master mould" "matt white colourglaze 1294" mckenzies "meat dish" "medium 3 12 spice jar chch" "medium classic" "medium topless bacardi jug" "medium tradition" "medo deco 774" merlin milano "milford decoration" "milled edge flat top vase" minton "minton cup" "mixing bowl" modello "modello collection" "modello shape" module "monterey decoration" "mosaic tiles" mosque mould mug "mug handle" "mug lid" "mug with a large round handle" "mug with large handle" "multiple shield coffee mug" "muppets bowl" "narvik green decoration" "navy mug" "new forma shape" "new hospital feeder mug" "new vintage" nouveau nursery "nz defence force" oatmeal "oblong hospital dish" "one band mug" "one lugged butter dish" "onion soup" optima "oregon decoration" "oval plates" "oval platter" "pagoda decoration" "pagoda jug" "pagoda shape" "pagoda sugar basin" "pagoda sugar basin lid" "palm springs" "papel mug" "paris pattern" "pasta bowl" "patch motif coffee mug" "patio rose" "patno884 new zealand" "pattern 149" "pc 190" "pen holder" "pen holder" "pet 778" "philippine bell cup" "phillipine bell cup" "phillipine bell cup nz" "photoceramic plate" "pin dish" pine "pine cone coffee mug" "pine decoration" pink "pink checkers" "pioneer decoration" "plain coffee mug" "plain waisted mug" plunger "polar bears" popewaverley "poppy decoration" "porcelain breakfast cup" "porcelain navy plate" "posy decoration" "pot titianware" "potters wheel mug" pottery "pottery wheel" provencale "question mark handled coffee jug" "question mark handled coffee mug" "question mark handled coffee pot" "question mark handled set" "railway cup" "raised circles coffee mug" "rayed star mug" "recessed soap holder" rim "rim bell cup saucer" "rim lip cup" "rim range" "rim shape" "rimmed shape" "ringed barrel mug" "roasting dish" "roble block" "rolled edge coupe" "rolled edge rim" "rotary cultivator" "roydon butter dish" "rubber gauntlet" "rustic lace" "salad bowl" "salad plate" sapphire "sapphire decoration" "saucer narrow well" scoones "scoria mug" seashell "seger cones" serenade "sesame street mug" "sesame street plate" setter "shape 25" "short corrugated mug" "short straight rimmed cup" "shorter forma coffee pot" "side plate air new zealand" "slot cutter" "small butter pat" "small coffee cup" "small eared puree bowl" "small footed mug" "small fruit dish" "small individual casserole" "small module" "small salad bowl" "small saucer dish" "small stacking hotel jug" smisek "solid handle flower border soup bowl" "solid rim hotel ashtray" "sonata decoration" sorento "soup bowl" "soup cup" "soup mug" "soup mugs crown lynn" "spring fair" springflower "square coffee mug" "squarish rimmed ashtray seagars titian" "stacked xs coffee mug" "stacking cup" "stacking hotel" "stacking hotel coffee cup" "stacking hotel cup" "stacking hotel egg cup" "stacking hotel jug" "stacking hotel pepper shaker" "stacking hotel saucer" "stacking hotel soup bowl" "stacking hotel sugar basin" "stacking hotel tea cup" "stacking hotel teacup" "stacking rimmed cup" "stacking rimmed mug" "stacking saucer" "star medallion coffee mug" "steam coach" "steam omnibus" "steam roller" steenstra "stoneware coffee cup" "straight side mug" "sugar basin" "sugar bowl" "summer wine" swan "sweet dish" "tall hotel cup" "tall mug" tankard "tankard jug" tauranga "tea pot" teapot "three curve profile coffee mug" tiki titian "titian 1291" "toby jug" "topless bacardi jug" "torso mug" "towel rail" "towel rail bracket" "towel rail ends" tradition trend trentham trinidad "truncated cone cup" "truncated cone gravy boat" "truncated cone jug" "truncated cone sugar basin" "turning tool" "tv tray" "two angle wide well saucer" "ultra blue decoration" "usa 10 14 plate" value vase "vegetable bowl" venice "venice decoration" "vertically ribbed mug" "vinegar bottle" "wad box" "wall hung pans" "werk wpi" westleigh wharetana "wheels beer mug" "wide base saucer" "wide rim" "wide rim shape" "wild wheat" "willow pattern" "winter wheat" "wooden coffee mug" "woodlands blue" wp1 "zigzag decoration"