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Index - Shape code of new numbers

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‘Shape code of new numbers’ – an index to Crown Lynn shape numbers. Index book with spine missing and no title. Inside front cover is written 'Shape code of new numbers.' The first page is an index to the shape numbers. It is possible to tell from the shape number, whether a piece is earthenware or vitrified, cast or press moulded, and what it is e.g. a cup or a jug etc. The volume is divided up in this way. Each section (A-Z) has a list of shape numbers and gives a brief description of the item, various technical details about it, and when it was first made. This has been updated from approximately 1964 to 1978. The first section lists the shape numbers before 1000, which pre-date the numbering system set up in 1964.

From 1964, a new numbering system was introduced at Crown Lynn. Starting at 1000, it assigned shape numbers to pieces depending on their form. Products were also categorised according to whether they had earthenware or vitrified clay bodies, or were manufactured by slipcasting, press moulding or using other techniques. This volume is an index to those numbers. For each shape it gives a brief description and a date when it was first made. It also includes a list of shape numbers used prior to 1964, with omissions.


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