Price list; Crown Lynn Potteries Limited; 1962; 2008.1.1265


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Thick paper folder with metal clips containing Crown Lynn 1962 Price List. 52 pages.

It shows the various patterns of decorative tableware available at that time as well as kitchen basins and the popular Matt White Range.

Matt white ware was made by Crown Lynn from the late 1940s until the 1970s. The vases and urns were slipcast from moulds. As well as the well known white swan vase, there were also a wide array of vases with shell and leaf details, as well as mantle vases, troughs and urns. Titian Potteries also made a wide range of matt white ware. Titian was purchased by Crown Lynn in 1965 and some of the same shapes were made by both companies.

Plain white ware, D.6 Regal, D.16 Warwick, D.19 Dawn, D.210 Cameo, D.302 Wessex, D.302A Suffolk, D.353 Gold line, D.362 Capri, D.375 Princess, D.383 Gold lace, D.386 Scandia, D.390 Blue rush, D.391 Driftwood, D.392 Glencairn, D.393 Fabrique, D.394 Rattan, D.395 Checkers, D.396 Fernlea, D.397 Stellar, D.401 Mardi Gras, D.402 Colour glaze, D.403 Tam o shanter, D.613 Tradition, D.620 Green bamboo, D.625 Petite gold, D.644 Sylvia blossom time, D.690 Autumn splendour, D.697 Feather drift, D.700 Duchess, D.706 Shasta daisy, D.708 Silver oak, D.711 Dorchester, D.714 Gloriana, D.737 Golden fall, D.738 Radiance, D.742 Cottage garden, D.743 Cascade, D.744 Brierley, D.747 Paragon, D.748 Oakwood, D.749 Vintage, D.750 Fashion rose, D.750A Chantilly, D.751 Demure, D.752 Marguerite, D.753 Olympia, Coloured basins, Matt White Range.


Crown Lynn Potteries Limited

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