Binoculars: Auckland Harbour Board ex WAITEMATA; 1989.65


Binoculars: Auckland Harbour Board ex WAITEMATA

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Binoculars missing one lens, black leather cover. These binoculars were used on the Auckland Harbour Board pilot vessel the WAITEMATA, which was launched in 1913. A pilot boat is used to transport a locally experienced person (the pilot) to and from a visiting ship. The pilot helps to navigate the ship safely into or out of the port.

Medium and Materials

Brass/Metal, 0 - Whole

Inscription and Marks

P.B. Waitamata


Length (mm): 190mm (5/8ft)
Width: 123mm (3/8ft)

Subject and Association Keywords

Auckland Harbour Board/[Ports & Harbours]

Subject and Association Keywords

[Ports & Harbours]

Credit Line

Gift of Ports of Auckland

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