Silver Watch Chain; RLB17


Silver Watch Chain

About this object

45cm long with links intact. This watch chain belonged to Captain Thomas Hansen, master of the brig "Active" which brought Rev Samuel Marsden to New Zealand in December 1814. It passed to his son Thomas Hansen jr through his granddaughter Amy (nee Hansen) Baker to his great grandson Charles Frederick Baker, to his great great grandson William Phipps Baker, to his great great great grandson Roy Leslie Baker. To avoid any argument or controversy, Roy Baker presented it to the Museum. However, the curator decided, all things considered, that the chain could well be displayed among the relics of Roy's grandfather CF Baker its one time owner. Captain Hansen has hundreds of descendents who might wish to withdraw the chain if it was only on loan. The chain is displayed with a card noting that it was presented by Mrs Gladys Mackrell. This was in accordance with an unwritten statement of Roy Baker who said he thought his cousin Mrs Mackrell (nee Baker) would like to have her name and family association marked in some way in the Museum. He had intended that Mrs Mackrell should bring in the watchchain but he died before this was arranged. As this was an amicable family arangement and made no difference to the disposal of the exhibit, the card was made out as intended.

Named Collection

RL Baker collection

Credit Line

Bequeathed by R L Baker

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