Kapiti Coast Museum

The Museum is located in the old Waikanae Post Office building of 1907, a Category 2 Heritage Places Trust building. Local history takes centre stage with portraits, Militaria, telecommunications, whaling and other social history items. Interactive displays include a harmonium, typewriters, the tiny Nita Port schoolroom and a 1970s Fireboard used by the local brigade. A fully equipped replica 1930's kitchen complements the collection.

Current Exhibition : Octavius Hadfield, the missionary.

A current display (Jan 2020) is 'Whanau' celebrating 'family' links across the millennia- Kapiti and Gondwanaland moving through the coming of the Maori to the whanau of rangatira Wiremu Parata and onto colonial times.

The Kapiti Coast Museum is a member of the Discover Kapiti Heritage Group, an active group of the seven museums of the Kapiti Coast District.

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9 Elizabeth Street, Waikanae

04 9056313



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9 Elizabeth St, Waikanae

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 1pm - 4pm



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