Landing Stores, The Heads Wanganui 1890; Shields, F G; 1890; 2009/12


Landing Stores, The Heads Wanganui 1890

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Oil painting by Art Master F G Shields of the landing of stores from lighter to horse and dray at Wanganui Heads 1890.


Shields, F G

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Oil Painting

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One of four art works returned to School after 110 Plus Years:
In October 2008 the Museum received an email from Wanganui’s Sargeant Art Gallery advising they had been offered four paintings of Wanganui scenes by one F.G. Shields in the late 1800s. The Gallery did not have an interest in the paintings, but fortunately referred the UK contact to the Wanganui Collegiate School Musuem, as Shields had been the Art Master at the School in the late 1800s.

We made contact with the lady in UK, one Amoret Tanner, advising the School would indeed be most grateful to have the paintings of a former Art Master.

Amoret responded advising she was the granddaughter of F.G. Shields, the last of the family line, and was keen for the paintings to return to their place of origin. She also told us she knew little of her grandfather, as he had died before she was born.

After researching the Collegians of 1887-1903 and Ma Godwin’s album, we were able to provide Amoret with a good account of her grandfather’s time at WCS, along with a number of classic photographs of him.

According to the Collegians he was certainly a bit of a character and well liked by the boys. He was the second master to Walter Empson and the first master (other than the Head) to be allowed to take in boarders, hence ‘Shields House’. He was also a cricketer of some note and captained the Wanganui Representative team and was reputed to own the first car in Wanganui.

As well as the paintings Amoret sent a portrait of Shields by George Flemwell in 1917 and a two sketch books, one of F G Shields and the other of his father’s dating back to 1836.

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Donated in 2009 by Amoret Tanner UK based granddaughter of the artist

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