Photograph, Horse driven trolley on tram line; Unknown photographer; 1900-1910; ...


Photograph, Horse driven trolley on tram line

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A black and white photograph of men on a horse drawn trolley, workers for More's and Sons. James More and Sons were saw millers in Riverton. James More Snr established the business and took over one of the early sawmills in Riverton. They first had a mill near the present recreation ground, before taking it over the river and milling a block there. Later sawmills of the firm were situated on the Pourakino river. The mills lay six or seven miles back from the river with which they were connected by an iron tramway. The timber was conveyed by a locomotive to the river where they were transported to Riverton in punts towed by a steam launch. Before establishing the sawmilling firm, James More Snr had a varied career working previously as an engineer, a miner, and a station owner before taking up saw milling.

James More Jnr was born in Riverton in 1874 and entered the sawmilling business with his father and brothers, Thomas and later Albert. James became a partner of James More and Sons in 1899 and was the bush manager at the mills. Mores continued to have a large impact on the community well into the 20th century. An article from the Southland Daily News, October 25, 1952 states: 'Indeed it was said at one time, with some truth, that the Mores owned half of Riverton'

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Unknown photographer

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Handwritten on the front: 'More's Mill'
Stamped on back: 'Wallace Early Settlers Museum Riverton'
Handwritten on the back: 'P44.93.592'
Handwritten on the back: '-592'
Handwritten on the back in pencil: 'Horse drawn trolley on tram line. Men More + Sons employees'
Handwritten on the back: 'J. T. Pope' x2
Handwritten on the back: 'More's Mill'


Image: h 200 mm x w 146 mm
Mount: h 303 mm x w 208 mm



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Forestry and Sawmilling

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Animals (fauna)

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organic, processed material, paper
organic, processed material, cardboard

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