Photograph, Robert and Ellen Foster and children; Oliver, J White; 1877; RI.P9.9...


Photograph, Robert and Ellen Foster and children

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A black and white studio portrait of Robert and Ellen Foster and their children. Robert Foster came to New Zealand in 1862. He is credited as the founder of the Thornbury settlement, and named it after his wife's birthplace in Gloucestershire. Robert 'took part in many adventurous pioneering projects of the time' and was famous in the district as host of the Thornbury Hotel. Ellen died in 1904 and Robert in 1918 at 79 years. Three of their children survived them.

Place Made

Oceania, New Zealand, South Island, Otago, Dunedin


Oliver, J White

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Inscription and Marks

Printed on front; 'J.Oliver White, Photo'
Printed on back; Photographed by J.Oliver White. Artist Photographer. Copies may be had on application.'
Printed on back; 'Mills, Dick & Co, Dunedin'
Stamped on back; Wallace Early Settlers, Museum, Riverton.'
Stamped on back; ' Early Settlers Assn. Riverton'
Handwritten on back; ' Mr. and Mrs. Foster + Family'
Handwritten on back; ' P9.92.116'
Yellow sticker on back; '98/3'


Mount h x 104 mm x w 63 mm
Image h x 92 mm x w 60 mm



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People and Families (including births, weddings, deaths)

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organic, processed material, paper

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Public Domain Public Domain

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