Hat pins, Various designs; Unknown maker; 1920-1950; RI.0000.160


Hat pins, Various designs

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Six hat pins of varying designs: two with large grey barrel-shaped ends topped with grey-bronze beads; one with a tapered pearlised green cylinder wrapped with gold detail; one small ornate teardrop end with 12 clear glass stones inset; one pearlised tapered cylinder with gold beads; and one cylinder with purple harlequin sequins and silver metallic thread braiding.

There is no documentation for this group of pins, therefore they cannot be accurately dated, or provenance determined, but they all appear to be relatively modern, likely dating from the 1940s or 1950s.

Popular from the early 19th Century and into the early 20th Century, hat pins were used for securing a hat onto a lady's head, usually by the hair. They were originally handmade but became machine-made and thus mass-produced from the 1830s. The late 19th Century saw hats gain popularity over bonnets and with them so did the hat pin. They became less popular following World War Two when women wore hats less frequently.


Unknown maker

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inorganic, processed material, synthetic, plastic
inorganic, processed material, synthetic
organic, vegetal, fibre, cotton
inorganic, processed material, metal


RI.0000.160.1-2: h 130 mm x di 18 mm
RI.0000.160.3: h 150 mm x di 15 mm
RI.0000.160.4: h 80 mm x w 10 mm x d 5 mm
RI.0000.160.5: h 135 mm x di 13 mm
RI.0000.160.6: h 150 mm x di 12 mm

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Clothing and Accessories

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