Fan, Brisé, Wooden carved; Unknown maker; 1850-1890; RI.LA01.08


Fan, Brisé, Wooden carved

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A wooden brisé hand fan intricately carved with a Japanese or Chinese design. featuring people, buildings, trees and flowers. The individual pleats are blade-like in construction and are held together with a purple ribbon towards the end of the leaf. Each is carved with shallow botanical motifs. The handle is delicately engraved with small flowers and the attached tassel is rather elaborate.

There is no acquisition documentation for this fan so it cannot be accurately dated, or provenance determined, but its style indicates it could be from as early as the mid-19th Century.


Unknown maker

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organic, animal, animal product, processed materials, silk
organic, vegetal, wood
inorganic, processed material, metal, alloy, copper alloy, brass


Closed: h 270 x mm x w 130 mm x d 35 mm
Open (without broken piece): h 270 mm x w 200 m x d 35 mm

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Clothing and Accessories

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personal effects

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