Celia Lashlie; Heather Main; 2015; 2015.020


Celia Lashlie

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This portrait was painted as a memorial for Celia Lashlie, painted by her close friend, Heather Main. The symbols in the four corners from top left going clockwise represent important elements of Celia's life: women in prison, raising boys, courage and social wellbeing, and empowering matriarchs in at-risk families. Heather has known Celia since they were judo buddies at age 16. She was her 'Best Woman' when she married her husband in Shed 11, the Portrait Gallery space.

Cecelia Margaret Mary Lashlie, also known as Ces/Celia, described herself as a storyteller, mother, and nana. In 1985, she became the first female officer to work in a male prison, continuing to work in prisons for 15 years. In 2004, she completed the 'Good Man Project,' which involved talking with pupils at 25 boys' schools, employing a working definition of what makes a good man in the 21st century. She also worked on many projects focusing on improving the lives of at-risk children and empowering families, especially matriarchs to find their own solutions to the challenging they were facing.

Heather Main received her Diploma in Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture from the University of Canterbury, and a Diploma of Teaching from Wellington Teachers Training College.


Heather Main

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Oil on canvas



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Celia Lashlie

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oil painting

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