Farewell Stelae II; Susan Wilson; 2014; 2015.016


Farewell Stelae II

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The "Farewell Stelae" is a series of three paintings that present one woman's response to warfare and a deep acknowledgement of a debt.

"I was at loggerheads with my father over New Zealand's participation in the war in Vietnam. We sent troops to fight, but they were volunteers and even more problematically for young radicals, they were Māori, who we thought should have been in solidarity with other colonised peoples...those soldiers feel bitter towards us still because our radical action made it impossible for them to have a hero's welcome parade down the main street of Auckland when they returned from service. I also know that they were distinguished soldiers against the Vietcong.

Our culture then was in transition from being solely British emigre to an interval of pro-Americanism as we young adults began to question the perspective our politicians and our society presented us. This time of questioning led on to a new acceptance of Māori culture and a much stronger, more independent identity of the country." -Susan Wilson, London, 2003


Susan Wilson

Date Made


Medium and Materials

Oil on Canvas


50'' x 30''

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Wilson, Susan

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All rights reserved

oil painting

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