5" Refracting Telescope; Grubb Telescope Company; 1882; COB069


5" Refracting Telescope

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5" refracting telescope; made by Grubb Telescope Company, 1882. Belonged to New Zealand astronomer Thomas King until his death in 1916. He used it from his home at 58 Ellice Street, Mt Victoria. King was on staff at the Dominion Observatory as a transit observer, under the Directorship of James Hector. From 1887 to 1911 he was responsible for the Time Service.

After King's death iit was presented to the Astronomical Section of the Wellington Philosophical Society by King's sister Jessie King. It was installed in the Thomas King Observatory and used there for public viewing and research.

While installed at the Thomas King Observatory the telescope was used for public viewing nights and was also extensively used by C E Adams (Government Astronomer) for research into variable stars, comets, planetary work and sunspots.


Grubb Telescope Company

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Brass, Glass, Steel, Iron

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Astronomical telescope

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Telescopes/Telescope 24 Nov 2020 09:45 AM,UTC

The first telescope was unveiled in the Netherlands in 1608, made by Jacob Metius and Hans Lippershey. It was made famous, however, by Italian mathematician Galileo, who constructed his own, improved device and was the first to use it to explore space. With his telescope he discovered four satellites of Jupiter, and resolved nebular patches into stars.
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Telescopes/Telescope 16 Nov 2020 10:10 AM,UTC

The future infrared space telescope will cover that area in a much more efficient manner.

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