Oil Painting, Portrait of Jane Faulkner; 0623/97


Oil Painting, Portrait of Jane Faulkner

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Framed oil painting of Jane Faulkner, one of John Lees Faulkner's twelve children. Artist unknown. Mounted on green/blue card with oval gold surround. The painting has been reframed and discolouration marks show the extent of the old frame. John Lee Faulkner was an early settler at Tauranga and owned a trading store in Otumoetai, along the base of the Otumoetai Pa, in the 1840's. He had twelve children by his first wife - Ruawahine, including Jane. Jane married Captain Daniel Sellars, who worked for the Northern Steamship Company. There is a full file on the Faulkner family at the local history section at Tauranga Library and a vertical file on the Faulkner family at the Village/Museum library

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Oil on Canvas

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Grace Connelly 20 Jul 2019 07:41 AM,UTC

My Great G Grandmother Jane. Her Daughter Isabella was my Great Grandmother she married Charles Spencer. Captain Donald and Jane had at least 9 children from 1850 Edward, Archibald, George, John, Alexander, Ivy, Georgina, Jane and Isabella.

Adrienne Campbell 30 Aug 2018 09:04 AM,UTC

Blaine Sellers she may very well be . Her only son Captain George Sellers was my Great Grand father his wife Isabella they had 11 children 2 died my grandmother's twin when she was an infant and their eldest daughter Jane at the age of 18 from a tooth infection so my grandmother was the only surviving daughter all the rest were boys.

Adrienne Campbell 30 Aug 2018 08:50 AM,UTC

Hi Naomi. I will ask my mother she may know also she has a family history book that may mention your Great Grand Mother ..I will get back to you.

Naomi Hoffman 04 Aug 2018 12:16 PM,UTC

Hi adrienne, Do you know if Jane or any of her siblings had a child that was my Great Great grand mother named Eva Mary McGarvey.

Blaine Sellars 25 Dec 2015 06:05 AM,UTC

Hey pretty sure this is my great ..... Grand mother I'm just interested in more information thanks

Tauranga Heritage Collection 16 Feb 2011 20:05 PM,UTC

Hi Adrienne, The image on this website was taken when the painting was being conserved by the Auckland Museum in 1999. During the conservation process the frame and matt were removed leaving the painting as you see it. After conservation the painting was returned to the frame and again looks like how you must remember it. Tauranga Heritage Collection TaurangaHeritage@tauranga.govt.nz

Adrienne Campbell 14 Feb 2011 19:49 PM,UTC

Hello there,

I am Jane's great great granddaughter & my Mother Joy Millar donated this portrate to the Faulkner House at the opening in 1991 at Tauranga Historic Museam. Can you please tell me what happened to the original frame as I remember, it was in pretty good condition & it was a beautiful ornate frame & where is the portrate as I would like to show my husband.

a relative 06 Jul 2009 07:57 AM,UTC

John Lees Faulkner family tree in the attached - also see NZDB - new Zealand dictionary of biography

22 Jun 2009 08:37 AM,UTC

Jane married Captain Daniel Sellars (not Darrel as stipulated above)


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