Baby Bottle Cover, Handmade; Unknown maker; 1920-1930; WY.0000.158


Baby Bottle Cover, Handmade

About this object

This is an unusual item which was donated together with various items of baby clothing. It may be assumed to be a feeding bottle cover perhaps to keep a baby bottle warm, or else a hot water bottle cover.

This is entirely handmade from net fabric encasing washed and carded raw wool. It does not fully open, being stitched closed on the left side, with a button and ribbon closure to the lower edge (now broken). The right side is completely open. It is heavily worked in bullion stitch with evidence of metal threads.

There is some evidence of stiffness within the wool padding - possibly lavender? Perhaps this was made to hold a stone or small hot water bottle to heat a baby's crib? Or to keep a bottle warm for a late night feed ?

This item has been well used and was evidently made with a great deal of care. If you can identify this intriguing object - please let us know.


Unknown maker

Maker Role

Needle worker

Date Made




Place Made

Oceania, New Zealand, South Island, Southland, Wyndham

Medium and Materials

organic, processed material, animal hair, wool
organic, processed material, vegetal, fibre, cotton
inorganic, processed material, synthetic, plastic?


h 170 mm x w 230 mm x 50 mm in closed/folded position

Subject and Association Keywords

Textiles (not clothes)

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