Quilt, Autograph WWII; Womens Division Farmers Union - Glenham; 1939-1945; WY.00...


Quilt, Autograph WWII

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'Autograph' or 'signature' quilts formed an important part of patriotic efforts during wartime. In this local example, people paid a shiiling to the patriotic fund organised by the Womens Division of the Farmers Union, and more specifically branches from Glenham, Mokoreta and Wyndham, to record their names on calico squares. These were then stitched together to form a quilt covered in an assortment of messages of love and support for soldiers overseas. Usually, once completed, these quilts were sent off to New Zealand military hospitals in England to put on wounded soldiers’ beds and provide them with a reminder of home. We are not sure why this quilt was not packed and sent, but we do know that quilts from this era are much less common than those from WW1, probably reflecting the greater part women played in practical work at this time - they were able to support their loved ones in other ways.

The names stitched on the quilt are as follows.

Square 1: Robert C Hunter: Marie Hunter: Chris F. Hunter: Jean Fortune: Mab. F Hunter: Vivienne Dunn: Ross Hunter: Norman Hunter: Sylvia M Hunter: Marjorie Kidd: Beverly Golden: Colin Dobbie: There is a ship in the centre of this square.

Square 2: S. Henderson: Rina Fox: Charles Johnstone: Mrs D. Watson: Mrs J F Winter: Isobel Howe: Mrs J A Howe: W M Johnstone: M J Hurst: J F Winter: David Watson.

Square 3: I Dobbie, Menzies Ferry: Arnott: E Arnott: I Arnott: E H Dickson: K M Dobbie: F M Sinclair: S M Sinclair: A E Christie.

Square 4: K I Carnie: Miss M Carnie: Miss E M Carnie: Miss M Carnie.
In the centre of the square is a heart with the words 'Heart of Oak' in the centre.

Square 5: 'Cheerio & Best Wishes to you all' from Alice McKenzie, Rosemount, Glenham, Southland, NZ: Elaine Carnie, Mataura Island: Jean Greenlees, Redan, Wyndham: Wilson Carnie. There is a diamond in the centre of this square.

Square 6: E Rabbidge Junior: W R Brown: S J Tait: L J Lyon: J R Dawson: Ray Lyons: T P Rabbidge (Kiwi diagram beside this name): Jean Beadle (Kiwi diagram beside this name): Albert Rabbidge: E Rabbidge.

Square 7: J Carson, Ferry Street, Kia Ora: M Heydon, Florence Street: E Winter, Florence Street: B McLachan, Ferry Street, Boomps-a-daisy. In the centre of this square are the words 'Greeting from Wyndham NZ'.

Square 8: Jean White, Dunedin: Jean McKay, Wyndham: Mavis McKay, Dunedin: Mary MacKenzie, Dunedin: This square has a large horse shoe in the centre and small horse shoes in each corner.

Square 9: D Robertson: S Robertson: A M Southgate: ? Robertson, Glenham: J Robertson, Glenham: A Melvin, Glenham: W A Christie: J Melvin: E L Christie: K Robertson, Glenham: I Robertson, Glenham: A K Southgate. The square in the centre has two fern leaves with the word Onward stitched below it. In two corners are ships and in another corner is an aeroplane.

Square 10: F D Stewart: R Bruce: C Irwin: Miss Walker: M C Paull, Wyndham: J A Valentine: J Irwin: Joan Hopkins: D Bruce: M Bruce: Audrey Paull: Tui Harper.

Square 11: Wilma Robinson: Isabel Robinson: Wynness ? Rabbidge: Agnes Irwin: Grace Robinson: ? Beadle: Jean Beadle: William Robinson.

Square 12 has two circles in the centre of the square and within the outer rim of the circle are the initials 'WDNZFU'.

Square 13: Miss J Carnie, Mokoreta, Southland, New Zealand: Mrs P P McKay, Ferry St, Wyndham: Alf Patterson, Mokoreta, Wyndham: Mrs A W Patterson, Mokoreta, Wyndham.

Square 14: J C Dunn: M Robinson: B Hunter: D Johnstone: Mrs A Howe, South Wyndham: G Johnstone: Andrew Howe.

Square 15: President E E Rabbidge: Vice President E M Hopkins: Margaret Clark: L Thwaites: Committee J Skinner: J Carson: M G Robinson: B Stirling: J E McKay: I Gregory: M M Hunter: M Hunter: A Carnie: Secretary A Howe: Auditor Bessie McLauchlan.

Square 16: Anne Fisken: Gay Henry: Ruth Heath: Daisy Ross: Lily Galt: Rose White: E Fotheringham: Norma Robins: Bessie H Howe: I Murphy: E Nicholl: F I Parry: H M D Kerr: Peggy Corkery: T K Burke: Gore Nurses - W D? Fox, Matron: N C Thomson: Lena Miller.

Square 17: Betty Taylor: Jean McHardy: Peg McHardy: Ann McHardy: Lily Cross: Mrs McHardy: Read Hohn 14 B (? John 14): N Eliot: Also the words 'Thumbs Up'.

Square 18: Eleanor Herron: Dorothy Crump: Alexander Arnott: Alan Crump: Margaret E Arnott: Jackie McLaren: Heather Mitchell: Betty Mitchell: Joyce Mitchell: Ann (Annie) Crump: Helen Mitchell: James Herron: Lance Crump: Mary McLaren. The letters 'WDFU' are also stitched in the square.

Square 19: N & M Stirling: Mrs P Campbell: Mr Matheson: Mrs Stirling: Mrs Milne: Mrs Bell: Mrs A Gregory: Mrs McEwan: Mrs Matheson: Mrs Irwin: Averil Ferguson: Miss N McPhedran: Mr Stirling: Jean Bell: Margaret Stirling: Miss M Dodd: Mrs A Ferguson: Dorothy Matheson: Mrs Gregory: Miss E. Dodd: Mrs Findlay: Miss S Campbell: W Matheson: Miss M Campbell.

Square 20: Mrs A Knight: Mrs G F McRae: Shirley McRae: Mrs F Leckie: Mrs M A McRae: Marion McRae: Norman McRae: Moria Robinson: Mrs W M Knapp: Agnes May Knapp: Mrs W T Knapp: Mrs A S McRae: E J Greenough: A McKay: J B Taylor: Mrs J Henry: Betty Henry: Jessie Henry: Jean Henry: Joan Matthews, Omakau: Mrs J Scott, Glenham: Mrs T A Robinson, 'Ivy Bank', Mokoreta, NZ, Wyndham: Bessie Taylor: Mrs G Anderson: Margaret Anderson: Gladys Anderson: Alex Robinson: I M McEwan: G M McEwan: A T? Taylor: M L Taylor.

Square 21: Bruce Hunter: Mary: Nancy Hunter: L Peterson: Mr T Hunter: Grace Hunter: Molly J Hunter: Rena Fox: Mr T Hunter, Glenham. This square has a circle with arms off it and these names in square 21 are in each arm, between the arms are different diagrams stitched onto the fabric.

Square 22: Mrs A Johnstone, Glenham: Mrs C Johnstone, Wyndham: Mrs J Johnstone, Tuturau: Mrs J E McKay, Te Tipua: Mrs Norman Bryce, Invercargill: Mrs Minnie Cameron, Invercargill: Miss Dorothy Taylor, Dunedin. There is a red cross in each of the corners and the words 'Thumbs Up' are stitched onto the fabric.

Square 23: M Greer, Gore: N Howard, Gore: A McMillan, Mimihau: T Skinnr (Skinner?), Wyndham: A Greer, Wyndham: H Hunter, Redan: Mrs W Hunter, Redan: Mrs W Lawrence: Mrs H Parr, Wyndham: J Cussack, Wyndham: Mrs T Skinner.

Square 24: Errol Clark: Ian Clark, Menzies Ferry: Hazel Clark: May Clark: Rolf Clark: Ronald Clark: Margaret Clark. All these names come under the banner of 'Kyledale'.

Square 25: M Thwaites: Mrs A C Bulling: Mrs W Templeton: Miss A Gregory: Mrs A Greenlees: Mrs E Allison: Mrs T Thwaites: Mrs S Symons: Miss L Symons: Mrs W Smith: Mrs J Blair: Mrs G Avon?: Mrs V Shaw: Mrs W Dodd.
Mrs J Craig: S B Shaw: T Thwaites: G Jennings: W Thwaites: Mrs E Melvin: Miss J Templeton: Miss E Johnstone: Miss E Johnstone.

Square 26: Mrs H Sells: Sydney Hill: Alistair John Carnie: Mrs A Knight: Ernest Knight: A L Bell: Irene B Patterson: James J Holland of Mokoreta, Southland.

Square 27: 'Greeting from NZ, Wyndham' and there is a stitched map of NZ.

Square 28: J Hopkins, Redan: Miss Hilda Batt: N McEwan, Redan: S Hopkins, Redan: R Templeton, Tuatapere: Mrs P Hopkins, Wyndham: Mrs D Hopkins, Redan: Miss E Nelson, Kirwee: Mrs N Rayner, Redan: Miss M Johnston, Redan.


Womens Division Farmers Union - Glenham

Maker Role

Needle worker


Womens Division Farmers Union - Wyndham

Maker Role

Needle worker


Womens Division Farmers Union - Mokoreta

Maker Role

Needle worker

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Place Made

Oceania, New Zealand, South Island, Southland, Wyndham

Medium and Materials

organic, processed material,, vegetal, fibre, cotton

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See Description.


h 2290 mm x w 1345 mm

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Military - World War Two

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Art and Design

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Clubs, Groups and Societies

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