Skimmer, Dairy ; Unknown manufacturer; 1920-1940; WY.1983.34


Skimmer, Dairy

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This is a metal milk skimmer, used to lift cream from a setting pan. Skimmed milk then drained away through the small holes.

A setting pan was used as a manual method to produce cream. It worked on the principle of gravity separation, with milk being allowed to stand for 24 to 36 hours. During this time the fatty cream would rise to the surface and float on the skimmed milk liquid below.

Setting pans had a wide base with a shallow body. This design enlarged the surface area of the milk left to sit, which made the separation process more efficient. After leaving the milk to separate, the dairy farmer would need only to skim the cream off with the skimmer.

Frequently dairy farmers had small piggeries on their farm to utilise the skimmed milk by-product. Setting pans and skimmers were used in the dairy until the invention of the centrifugal cream separator.


Unknown manufacturer

Maker Role


Date Made


Medium and Materials

inorganic, processed material, metal, iron

Inscription and Marks

On base in ink: '83 34'
On handle engraved, '6'.


h 50 mm x dia 150 mm

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Subject and Association Keywords

Industry and Manufacturing

Object Type

occupation-based equipment

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