Baby matt ; pre 1925; 77/152/2


Te Manawa


Baby matt

About this object

Baby mat, plaited from pandanus.

Date Made

pre 1925

Place Made


Medium and Materials



710 mm long x 385 mm wide

Subject and Association Description

"In mat making the Samoans use three kinds of pandanus, distinguished as paongo, fala, and 'ie. As the leaves are used the material is generally referred to as laupaongo, laufala, and lau'ie. All three plants were seen growing in cultivation, where they were tended by keeping the larger growth cleared....The fala has a much smaller leaf, dried specimens measured being 5.5 to 6 feet long and 3 inches wide. It also differs from the paongo and the 'ie, in saving smooth edges to the leaf and but occasional spines on the back of the midrib. From the fala are made floor mats with a narrower weft, sleeping mats, and the small mats made for babies, which receive the general name of fala." Te Rangi Hiroa (P. H. Buck), Bulletin 75 Samoan Material Culture: Pandanus mats - Material. pg 212. Honolulu, Hawaii Published by the Bernice P. Bishop Museum 1930 .

Named Collection

Collection of Te Manawa Museums Trust

Credit Line

Donated by Mr J Brydon Speedy

Object Type

Mat/Floor Covering/Furnishings/Nomenclature

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All rights reserved

This object is from
Te Manawa   Te Manawa
Baby mat

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