Diathermy Unit; Stanley Cox Ltd. 11 Gerrard St. London United Kingdom; 22


Diathermy Unit

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Junior Intertherm' 6/250 Ultra Short Wave Diathermy unit. Used in physical therapy to soothe muscles & tissues


Stanley Cox Ltd. 11 Gerrard St. London United Kingdom

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United Kingdom


32 x 28 x 56cm (width x depth x height)

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Diathermy (electrically induced deep heating of the tissue) was used at the Cadman Sanatorium in the first half of the 20th century as one of the therapies offered to customers with muscular aches & pains. In its ‘gentle’ form, it was the practice of applying a short wave electric current to an affected part of the body to warm the tissue with the energy and thereby ease movement or to relax the muscles & ligaments prior to a massage. However, it was also thought that joint swelling & pain could be eased by “baking the affected limb in a cage of hot air at somewhere between 150-300 degrees Fahrenheit”… Diathermy is practiced today both as a physical therapy and in surgery.

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Gift of D. Goessi, 1975

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Diathermy Unit

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