Quilt; Dr Saphira, Miriam; 2002; 102



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Made from 48 T-shirts from the 70s to early 90s for the Outlines Conference 2003


Dr Saphira, Miriam

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New Zealand

Medium and Materials

Cotton T-shirts on cotton

Subject and Association Description

The T-shirts belonged to Miriam Saphira and Nicola Jackson and their girlfriends. Starting across the top the "Future is female" was designed by Ann Craig in Gisborne in the early eighties, the next one is from a T-shirt from the 1986 ILGA Conference held in Copenhagen where Miriam Saphira was elected Joint Secretary General, Hero Project possibly an early Hero shirt, Women's Studies Conference T-shirt held in 1990 in Rotorua, Dragon fly designs 1984, Gay Line Dancing Tee for Hero. Idyll Print a lesbian owned screen printing shop tee for their touch rugby team, Spiritual tee made by Jewish lesbian artist; XX New York 1983, police tee from Miriam's partner 1979. Sewing Circle tee a fundraiser for lesbian publishing collective Papers, Lesbian Festival 1985, souvenir from Mykonos - a gay island resort in Greece, Katherine Mansfield - seen as a mentor for women who love women, “Don’t Die” Tee designed by Miriam Saphira and Janet Buckton from Idyll Print of Rotorua for Papers. Nicola’s tee from San Francisco, Jewish Feminists Against the Tour - 1981, Gay Games Vancouver, Female explorers unkown, Martina Narvitalova from Giovanni’s Room Philadelphia. Souvenir from Greenwich Village 1982, from an etching of Arleen Olssen of Giovanni’s Room Philadelphia, Hero 1999, Hero Marshal 1989, Lesbians United unknown. National Conference against Violence - Denver 1979 where several lesbians were keynote speakers; Del Martin, Sandra Butler, Robin Morgan, Florence Kennedy. Adelaide Lesbian Mothers, Hero 1998, Singlet bought from Sandra Coney 1980, Wild Women tee bought from Oscar Wild Bookstore New York, Women’s Health tee designed by Ann Craig of Gisborne, Jewish lesbian artist; XX New York 1983, Sydney Lesbian Conference 1991. Lesbian Action for Visibility in Aotearoa group in Wellington, Sounds and Furies performance in Vancouver 1990, “Don’t want half the cake want the whole damm bakery” designed by Janet Buckton at Rotorua. Naiad Press at Tallahassee - the biggest publisher of lesbian books in the world, LAVA - Wellington, “Take back the night” tee Jewish lesbian artist; XX New york 1983, “What Lesbians Do” tee Broadsheet - 1983, Take Back the Night Designed Janet Buckton of Idyll Print - Rotorua, Jewish lesbian artist; XX New York 1984, Stage was a lesbian club on College Hill closed by the Police in 1988, “Fesbian Leminist” tee 1986 Woman Made Los Angeles, New York Lesbian Archives, Gay Games at Vancouver 1990.

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Gift of Miriam Saphira

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