Picnic at Mangawhai Heads; 18-111


Picnic at Mangawhai Heads

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August 1963. The Wharfe Family and friends having a picnic at Mangawhai Heads.

L-R: Brian Wintle, Unknown (Red hair), Unknown, (with stick arm raised, Margaret Hastie (brown skirt, green jersey), Joyce Rose Wharfe ( Blue top with pink scarf, Sylvie King (White top, purple skirt), Unknown (could be Paul Weir's brother), possibly Jennie Hastie (Striped jersey behind Paul Weir ), Paul Weir (sitting with blue jersey), Colleen Wharfe (Green cardigan, blue dress) , Jeanette Weir (Grey cardigan,tartan skirt), Ruth Wharfe (Red dress), Lottie Powell (white scarf), Heather Wharfe (Check skirt)

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