Postcards- Balderston Family; 18-2


Postcards- Balderston Family

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A collection of postcards written to Frances Ann Balderston, known as Tottie, b 1887 d 1962, and her husband David Richard Logan Balderston, known as Logan, b 1889 d 1968 .
Tottie received postcards from her sister's, Jane Leslie, known as Jennie, Mary Leslie, her brother's, James Frank Leslie, known as Frank and Richard Leslie known as Dick.
Other postcards are from Logan's brother, George, his mother Sarah Dolina Balderston, nee Mc Quarrie, and sister-in-law Mary Leslie. Also from his timber contracting partner William W Shelton, known as Bill.

Postcard dates range from 1909 to 1917.

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