Book Collection x2: Waipu Centennial.; 17-297


Book Collection x2: Waipu Centennial.

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Two books celebrating the pioneer settlement of Scottish - Nova Scotian people under the leadership of the Rev Norman McLeod. They arrived in Auckland 1853 and land was granted in Waipu in 1854.

The title of the first book is 'Scottish - Nova Scotian Centennial at Waipu'.
Author: Centennial Celebration Committee.
Edition: 1953.
It is a souvenir and pageant programme of Centennial Celebrations at Waipu , on 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Jan 1953.

The title of the second book is 'Waipu Sesquicentennial.'
Author: Waipu 150 Trust.
Edition: 2003
It is also a souvenir and pageant programme of Sesquicentennial Celebrations at Waipu , on 1st, 2003.
The programme for the Church Service, held on the day, is included with book.

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