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Sewing Machine

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An early sewing machine with hand cranked handle, no trade marks and some decorations. Previous information attached to the machine connected it to the Wertheim brand. Research shows the Wertheim sewing machines were made by a German family late 19th - 20th Century. The Wertheim label was not attached to the machines until 1906. This suggests that this machine may have been made prior to 1906.


A: L 49 cm W H 30 cm
B: L 46.5 cm W 23.5 cm H 27.5 cm
C: L 5 cm
D,E, & F: L 3.5 cm
G & H: L 6cm W 5.5 cm
I: L 8 cm W 5 cm
J: L 11 cm
K: L 8.5 cm
L: L4.5 cm
M,N,O,P, & Q: L 3.3 cm
R: L 3 cm
S: L 5 cm
T: L 1.75 cm
U: L 1 cm
V: L 5.5 cm W 3.5 cm
W: L 22 cm W 6 cm

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Sewing Machine

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