Mangawai Tennis Team ; 16-140


Mangawai Tennis Team

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Mangawai Tennis Team
Circa 1917. Ken Parker arrived back in NZ from WW1 Sept 1917 (from Papers Past) and Hazel Hogan was born 1893 so would be around 24 years in photograph.

Back Row L-R : Billy Burch, Albert Wood b 1888, Meta Hauhoa Watts b 1886, Victor Christian known as Vic or Chris b 1874, Loughlin Logue known as Lock b 1876, unknown, Alexander Dale known as Alex may also be spelt Alick b 1870.

Front L-R: Albert Reginald Pook known as Bert b 1883, William Perriman Watts known as Bill b 1899, Iris Linfield Hogan b 1898, Jessie Wood b 1892, Unknown possibly Elizabeth Amy King known as Amy b1893, Maria May Pook nee Wharfe known as May b 1882, Minnie Eleanor Escott Wharfe nee King known as Minnie b 1890, unknown lady holding unknown child, Hazel Hogan b 1893, Kenyon Aldsworth Parker, known as Ken b 1886,
Richard Gordon Moir known as Dick b 1892.

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