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Wharfe Family

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John and Ann Wharfe family of Tara with members of the Armstrong family. Photo taken before 14-07-1898 as Ethel Mary Wharfe died on that day.
Back Row (standing) R-L: Mabel Lillian Wharfe, known as Lily, b 1882 d 1950. Frederick Arthur Wharfe, known as Fred, b1874 d 1961. Miss Cameron, Richard Henry Wharfe, known as Henry, b1872 d 1949. Ethel Mary Wharfe, b 1877 d 1898. Charles Wharfe, known as Charlie, b 1879 d 1965.
Front Row (sitting) R-L: Mary Armstrong nee Wharfe, b 1840 d 1928. ? Armstrong (young boy). Mathew Watson Armstrong. Ada Annie Wharfe, b 1876 d 1960. John Wharfe b 1838 d 1928. Ann Wharfe nee Dey, b 1839 d 1908. Alfred John Wharfe, known as John, b 1866 d 1946.

John and Ann Wharfe's children were, Lily,Fred,Henry,Ethel,Charlie,Ada,John
Richard and Elizabeth Wharfe's child was Mary. Mathew Watson Armstrong was Mary's husband.

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