Fun Ho Toys Collection; 15-37


Fun Ho Toys Collection

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Seven Fun Ho toys which were used by Donors children in the sandpit about 1960. All metal.
Yellow grader, red roller, red tractor with blade, blue tractor with bucket, red tractor with bucket, green trailer, green trailer with tow bar.


A: L 27 cm W 9 cm H 11 cm
B: L 22 cm W 11 cm H 13 cm
C: L 20.5 cm W 11 cm H 8.5 cm
D: L 30.5 cm W 12 cm H 9 cm
E: L 8.5 cm W 12.5 cm H 16.5 cm
F: L 25 cm W 9 cm H 6 cm
G: L 25.5 cm W 12.5 cm H 8.5 cm

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