Skye to Timber Mountain; 16-37


Skye to Timber Mountain

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Title: Skye to Timber Mountain
Author: Desmond Stewart
Edition: 2004

The journey of the Stewart Family who, in the 18th century, came from the Isle of Skye in Scotland, to Prince Edward Island, Canada and then onto Kaiwaka, New Zealand.

Short Index

Mander Family page 74
Kauri - Pukerarero Area pages 71- 85
Pukekarero School page 116
Joe Mayes page 118
Shearing page 119
Fencing page 124
Gum digging in Mangawhai Area pages 129 ,130
Adventures of childhood pages 144, 150, 154, 164
Cullen’s Mill (Cliff & Dave Cullen) page 146
Telephone Line 1930’s page 160
German Spy page 171 , 172
SS ‘Niagara’ sinking page 172
Japanese invading NZ page 174
Hay making page 209

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