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Assorted Medical Instruments

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Medical equipment used by Gladys Thwaites. She was the Matron of the hospital ship "Maunganui" during WWII She also helped establish military hospitals in Fiji and Samoa. She was awarded the Royal Red Cross Medal for services during WWII. Retired from nursing circa 1960's.


A: L 12 cm W 0.8 cm
B & C: L 13.5 cm W 6 cm (across handle)
D: L 13 cm W 1 cm
E: L 12.7 cm W 1.1 cm
F: L W 1.1 cm
G: L 14 cm (with ring extended) W 1 cm
H: L 11.5 cm W 1.3 cm
I & J: L 12.7 cm

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Medical Equipment

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