Oral History - WOOD Albert James (Jim); 21-52


Oral History - WOOD Albert James (Jim)

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WOOD Albert James (Jim) Tape 1 Side 1
Date: 6 March 1997

00.10 Introduction, JIM WOOD and wife JOAN WOOD interviewed.
00.40 ALBERT JAMES WOOD introduced, born 3 January 1928 in Ponsonby, AUCKLAND.
His father was ALBERT WOOD, born in 1888 and was a FACTORY WORKER at HAKARU age 14, in the DAIRY FACTORY. He boarded with SARAH FAMILY at HAKARU, paid 10 shillings per week. He paid 8 shillings board, and had 2 shillings left over.
02.40 ALBERT WOOD later worked in the KAURI BUSH, and in WAIPU for a BUTCHER doing deliveries. Then he was in TARANAKI in a BUTTER and CHEESE FACTORY. He worked with his brother-in-law RALPH ROWSELL in WHAKAPIRAU on FARM, and learnt CARPENTRY.
03.40 ALBERT WOOD returned to MANGAWAI when he married. RALPH ROWSELL married ALBERT WOOD’S sister LIZZIE / ELIZABETH in 1926.
04.00 JIM WOOD’S FATHER lived with his parents on MANGAWAI FLAT on MOIR ROAD, JIM WOOD’s grandfather was ROBERT WOOD who arrived in MANGAWAI in 1887, with JIM SUMMERS, who was JIM WOOD’s grandmother’s brother. ROBERT WOOD had two children when they arrived in NEW ZeALAND, MAGGIE and LIZZIE. LIZZIE WOODS was born on the boat coming from (ENGLAND), JIM WOOD unable to remember the name
05.50 JIM WOOD’S grandmother was JESSIE WOOD, ( nee SUMMERS). JIM WOOD had two brothers, one died at 3 weeks, WILLIAM WOOD, born in PAPAROA HOSPITAL. ROBERT REGINALD WOOD still alive. He had one sisters, MARJORIE THELMA WOOD, who died 8 January 1997.
07.30 ON leaving school he asked the ELECTRIC POWER boss in MANGAWAI for a job. JIM joined the LINE GANG, two gangs, LINE gang, and POLE GANG.
08.15 Worked with power gang in MAUNGATUROTO. Then ran FARM.
08.50 JIM WOOD owns the family FARM since 1960. PAPER ROAD at the back of the house, never built.
10.15 Old homestead belonging to ROBERT WOOD described.
11.20 DANCES held in HALL opposite WOOD house, built before 1899?, timber given by PENMAN’S BUSH MILL.
11.45 LIBRARY HALL built 1894, MOVIES held weekly, by TROY BOTICA.
12.30 POLITICS and RELIGION briefly mentioned.
12.50 JIM WOOD married JOAN WOOD (nee SICOLL?) on13 September 1952. Joan born 9 Dec 1931. JOAN WOOD was an OFFICE WORKER, and did DOMESTIC WORK in an AUCKLAND HOTEL before marriage.
14.10 JOAN WOOD speaking, description of meeting JIM WOOD.
14.35. Six children, JAMES BRUCE born 5th JULY 1953, ROSEMARY DAWN, born 22 Dec 1955, KEVIN WILLIAM, born 12 MAY 1957, JOHN? 17 NOV 1960, PETER MICHAEL born 6 AUG 1964, CHRISTOPHER ROBERT born 20th Feruary 1969, PETER died in an industrial accident in KAIWAKA, 9 May 1984.
16.25 JIM WOOD describing MANGAWAI VILLAGE, MOIR ROAD from the PUB and WHARF. Description of BLACKSMITH’S SHOP owned by FARQUHAR MCLENNAN, run by MR MITCHELL from COAL HILL. Horse shoeing, made WHEELS for GIGS. KARANAKI? described, like a sledge with wheels.
21.10 COURTHOUSE mentioned. The SHOP next to the BLACKSMITH, sold FISH, the owner had a LAUNCH and made flat bottomed PUNTS.
22.00 POLICE HOUSE waas next door. No cells at house. The COURTHOUSE was next to the POLICE HOUSE. MR MCLENNAN was JP for the court. His fee was 20 pounds. He lIved in MANGAWAI on farm near JIM WOOD’S current house.
24.40 MATTY BARBICH lived further up road. Behind was GUM STORE, described. GUM graded in winter.
25.45 MRS WALLER lived down road, then BOTICA”S house, then WOOD’S House, opposite the HALL. JOE GLAZINA, then JIMMY? MRS URLICH, who was first MRS CONETOVICH, house was in a paddock. CARTERS were at the creek, the house was ORIGINALLY OWNED BY JIMMY RYAN by BOB’S CREEK.
27.50 On right hand side was MANSE, where there was a CHURCH, the CHURCH used as school. MANSE still there.
29.10 ETINOVICH? by new post office. TENNIS COURTS land given by CLAUDE WINTLE.
GUM tailings were sorted? in a place used for a TENNIS COURT.

WOOD Albert James (Jim) Tape 1 Side 2

00.05 More MANGAWAI VILLAGE description. BAKER was ARCHIE ROBINSON behind POST OFFICE between there and old TENNIS COURTS.
00.50 JACKSONS were further up the road opposite end of OLD WAIPU ROAD, had a SHOP sold to ARCHIE ROBINSON. The SHOP was pulled by BULLOCKS to where Four Square is now.
01.40 INSLEY ROAD on seaward side was STABLE and WINERY belonging to JOHN MARINOVICH.
Opposite side where small bridge was on CAUSEWAY to AUCKLAND was where JOHN MARINOVICH had a BACH. LADY ALLUM had house on INSLEY STREET. JIM WOOD gave sprats to LADY ALLUM, paid 6 pence for a dozen or more.
0310 FRANICH had house, originally FISH SHOP in WELLSFORD, brought out to near HALL, the first house on INSLEY ROAD. The HALL was on the corner. Towards KAIWAKA was PETER BECK who had a BACH, now pulled down and new house built.
04.30 The INTERDENOMINATIONAL CHURCH was next, and only one house in LESLIE STREET belonging to BRISCOE ADDICH?
04.40 HARRY GILES was on the corner of MOIR ROAD, he was BOOT REPAIRER and grew own TOBACCO with JOE GLAZINA.
05.20 Streeko? (JOE RADICH), was uncle to VISCOE RADICH. Then MRS KINKELLA, she had a two storey house with billiard room. Once used as POST OFFICE.
06.30 House at back where DOMAIN Is now was ?DICK RADICH, may be STREEKO (JOE) RADDICH’s brother. Old house by bridge owned by RADICH relations,
07.15 BELLINGHAM had house at end of PEARSON ST. TRIGG’S place was by creek on corner, DICK RANSFORD lived there.
08.15 ALEXANDER STEWART had house on ?MOIR ST, WHARFE had next place at top. The SCHOOL was the now ANGLICAN CHURCH
08.50 JIM WOOD’S mother’s father was a BUTCHER in OKAIHAU, JIM WOOD’S mother helped in the shop and delivered meat. She started the new TENNIS COURTS with JOAN HOOK where LADY ALLUMS house was on INSLEY ROAD. GUM holes on the land. METAL for courts came from STONEY HILL QUARRY. Description of making TENNIS COURTS.
11.35 JIM WOOD’S mother started the HISTORICAL SOCIETY, and WOMENS INSTITUTE, also the PLUNKET (SOCIETY) with MRS BAGNALL who was a nurse. MRS VISCOE was with the WOMENS INSTITUTE. JIM WOOD’S mother set up the DENTAL CLINIC in 1938?
13.00 Played TENNIS with JIM WOODS father. His father also played HOCKEY matches in WHANGATEAU LEAGUE.
14.10. SPORTS GROUND behind the HOTEL. JIM WOODS from 1947 onwards and IAN and DES CULLEN were stewards in CHOPPING RING. DANCES held the HALL, mother and PADDY WHYNN organised.
15.20 JIM WOOD’S grandmother made meals DANCES for people from COAL HILL, 2000 DIGGERS on COAL HILL.
16.20 Locals had SHOOTING GALLERY. Description of HORSE RACES from MOIR POINT and finished at PUB. JIM WOODS father raced at age 14. Horse called BLUE SPOTS.
18.35 JIM WOOD’S grandmother had SHOOTING GALLERY when sports on, described.
20.00 Grandmother catered for RAILWAY WORKERS at KAIWAKA.
20.40 JIM WOOD’S grandparents came from near NEWCASTLE, ENGLAND, WINDY NOOK. Grandfather was COALMINER. Description of COAL MINING with PIT PONIES.
22.30 Grandfather brought two suits to NEW ZEALAND. Description of work CLOTHES.
23.40 Description of JIM WOOD’S grandparents physical appearance. GRANDMOTHER could not read or write.
25.30 Grandparents had a BACH at MANGAWAI HEADS. More description of grandfather. Self taught reading and writing.
26.50 Description of WOOD’S home.PIPI SMITH visited.
28.55 Grandmother died age 76, diabetes, grandfather died age about 98.

WOOD Albert James (Jim) Tape 2 Side 1

00.10 JIM WOOD describes visitors to his home, PIPI SMITH was an ex-boxer. ? Lived at CRAB FARM, and Mr BRADDICK, had a horse called Blackbird.
01.20 SHOP sold soft drinks, cIgarettes, tobacco, Aspro, castor oil etc. Kegs of grapes from California. GALLAGHER’S TRAVELLER sold clothes, he stayed at the HOTEL. Orders came up on the “KAWAU”.
03.10 JIM WOOD’S grandfather had property at MANGAWAI HEADS. His father sold the property to ALF HUNTER.
An aunt owned 11 acres at BULLET POINT. WOOD Street, and others named after the family. CLIFF ? (name obscured) did bulldozing for the road for ALF HUNTER.
05.50 JIM WOOD’S mother had land on MOLESWORTH ROAD on the other side of CAUSEWAY, sold to JOHN LEWIS before the CAUSEWAY was built.
07.00 The family ate meat from CLAUDE WINTLE, ate more fish, had fish nets. JIM WOOD’S father had FISH sale licence, he sold FLOUNDER, MULLET. They had PICNICS on the sand. Method of FLOUNDERING at night described, used a light of burning GUM.
09.10 Description of bag made from sugar bag sacking, commmonly used by GUMDIGGERS.
10.15 VEGETABLE GARDEN described.
11.25 More FLOUNDERING from end of PEARSON STREET to the end of CAUSEWAY before it was built. HOGAN’S place nearby had FLOUNDER, near RIVERSIDE CAMP site. No MANGROVES anywhere.
13.50 CLOTHES worn as a child described. JIM WOOD only had boots when he went to High School.
15.30 JIM played HOCKEY with jam tins and ti tree sticks. Played CRICKET and RUGBY, teacher was MR MENGE.
16.30 JIM WOOD milked cows after school, played TABLE TENNIS.
17.10 FISHING and PICNICS with GRANDPARENTS at MANGAWAI HEADS. Sold fish on the way home. His GRANDPARENTS lived at MANGAWAI HEADS near ALAMAR CRESCENT near the boat ramp. Mrs PARTINGTON stayed in WOOD’S BACH. MRS WHARFE’S BACH where CAPTAIN OLSEN lived.
20.15 JIM WOOD’S GRANDPARENTS knew CAPTAIN OLSEN from “KAWAU”. JIM had a boat made from a kerosene tin by CAPTAIN OLSEN.
21.15 CHRISTMAS celebrations described, CHRISTMAS presents mentioned, LADY MOIR gave JIM WOOD a wooden ROCKING HORSE. He had a toy TRACTION ENGINE. No CHRISTMAS TREE,.
23.20 ALCOHOL and SMOKING discussed. GRANDFATHER smoked a PIPE.
24.25 Discipline described, STRAP used.
25.25 JIM WOOD enjoyed listening to his elders.
25.40 DEPRESSION discussed, well fed and clothed. PUBLIC WORKS CAMP on COAL HILL, ARCHIE ROBINSON took meat and bread to the camp. 1936 breaking in COAL HILL, PUBLIC WORKS.
27.00 BILLY MARTIN was blind, he did his own gardening. The DRAIN digging described.
29.40 JIM WOOD was still in HIGH SCHOOL during WW2, joined HOME GUARD in 1941. FRED FOOTE ran HOME GUARD JIM WOOD knew his wife.

WOOD Albert James (Jim) Tape 2 Side 2

00.50 JIM WOOD joining HOME GUARD. MR FOOTE said JIM WOOD could join SIGNALS group in KAIWAKA. DICK LESLIE was captain. Story of being sworn in. JIM WOOD was nearly 14, in 1941. Uniform from MAUNGATUROTO.
01.50 JIM WOOD went with the SARGEANT, and JIMMY BROWN,WI CLARK, to BREAM TAIL, took SIGNAL LAMP, a KING LAMP with 12 volt battery. SIGNAL ROUTE described fromTIGER MOUNT in WHANGAREI and back.
04.10 JIM WOOD went home when the message was passed, could talk to station in KAIWAKA.
04.55 Short story of a MOREPORK. The ARMY fired BLANKS and had VERY LIGHT PISTOLS, the platoon had LONGLEY ENFIELD RIFLES, no ammunition. RIFLES described.
08.30 Dummy HAND GRENADE throwing, made MOLOTOV COCKTAILS, used JOHN MARINOVICH’s GUN PIT. GUN PIT and throwing described.
09.50 JIM WOOD went to HIGH SCHOOL, left in 1945, the uniforms were collected in HALL.
10.50 Description of a MINE coming ashore. MISS THOMPSON was a TEACHER, and JULIUS HERMAN went to the beach, in 1942? Description of personnel came from the NAVAL BASE, put a 7lb charge onto the MINE and blew it up.
12.20 The MINE made large crater. JIM WOOD’S GRANDFATHER heard the night explosion.
13.00 JIM WOOD went to the crater from school with a teacher. MINE “horn”and steel work found. JIM WOOD brought charge powder home, and ?RADICH.
!4.00 ?RADICH put some powder on the fire. The MOUNTED RIFLES came down to SCHOOL.
15.00 AMERICANS visit described.
16.30 JIM WOOD went to SCHOOL in WHANGAREI, boarded in girls school. AMERICANS taught baseball..
17.35 Story of the POWER BOARD putting power into MANGAWAI. JIM WOOD was on wiring gang. PADDY WHYNN and ERIC KING on the POLE DIGGING. Later in MAUGATUROTO.
19.05 VIC NELSON had photo taken at HOTEL, TUDOR COLLINS took photos on OLD WAIPU ROAD.
19.55 The POWER switched off at ? midnight, (JOAN WOOD speaking? ) in 1950’s. JIM WOOD’s GRANDFATHER switched power on in HALL in 1946?
21.20 The TELEPHONE switched off at night.
21.35 Some men (on the gang) stayed in the HALL, some in WOOD’s BACH, OWEN COTTRELL and JOHNNY ISAACS, a NORTH AUCKLAND player and MAORI ALL BLACK. DICK HEWER, JOE PANIORA and two more Maori men, camped in the HALL went back to DARGAVILLE for the weekend.
23.00 TELEPHONE was put in MANGAWAI in 1925. Phone in 1950’s to MANGAWAI HEADS. STUART SMITH in charge. Description of putting poles up, getting line across flats and the river.
25.25 GUM DIGGING important, 15 BOATS built in MANGAWAI HEADS.
26.20 About 2000 GOVERNMENT GUM DIGGERS in 1900, mostly on COAL HILL and on FLATS. They had a GUM SHED where KERRY SMITH’S farm, the GOVERNMENT GUM STORE, boats came up the creek to collect GUM.
27.40 Conclusion of interview.

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