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Oral History - WINTLE Jim

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WINTLE Jim Tape 1 Side 1
Date: 2 November 1998

Subject: Restoration of the Mangawhai Harbour from 1991 to 1996

00.00 Introduction. NAT STEWART’S boys. Started talk about Harbour restoration. TORCHY and NOEL CULLEN had machinery. Meeting organised. NOEL CULLEN, TORCHY (JEFFREY) GARRY BERGHAN and others present.
02.25 JIM WINTLE was chosen as spokesperson and co-ordinator. Family history reasons enlarged.
05.50 JIM WINTLE’s grandfather JACKSON keen on boats, fishing. Memories of CAMP SITE and SAND BARGES and SAND EXTRACTION. Wished to return MANGAWHAI HARBOUR to original state.
06.30 JACKSON and WINTLE families involved in MANGAWAI. WINTLE land around CAMP SITE.
07.10 Risks discussed. BIG DIG had instant support. Illegal. Locals fundraised. TIme and dollars.
08.50 JIM WINTLE’s business involvement discussed.
09.40 Detractors avoided.
10.30 First BIG DIG and method discussed.
12.15 RADIO story. NEWSPAPER items. Some against BIG DIG. NORTHERN REGIONAL COUNCIL against, illegal. DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION ideas discussed. History of MANGAWHAI HARBOUR deterioration. Cause of SAND damage.
16.20 SANDBANKS development in 1940’s - 1960’s.
17.30 Risks discussed again. Commitment. Effects on family. Learning curve.
20.30 1978 first breach in sand dunes.
22.40 Development after 3 days. KAIPARA COUNCIL and NORTHERN REGIONAL COUNCIL unofficially supported, and other people. Letters of support.
24.00 After 3rd day obvious needed more time. Small COMMITTEE of MANGAWHAI HARBOUR RESTORATION formed. Negotiations. Planning. Worked with DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION help.
27.55 DIscussion on success and machinery for the first SPIRIT OF MANGAWHAI.
28.50 Disappointments when HARBOUR closed off for 2nd and 3rd time. BARGE sunk. Effects of nature.
30.00 Started with BIG DIG, DREGDE built. Opened nothern entrance 3 or 4 times, then after permit closed southern entrance.
30.35 Discussion on progress. BUND WALL. Bought DREDGE “THOMAS MCKINNON “.

WINTLE Jim Tape 1 Side 2

00.00 “THOMAS MCKINNON” brought through northern entrance 1995.
01.05 King Canute discussion, response by JIM WINTLE to detractors.
04.20 Discussion on motives for MANGAWHAI HARBOUR RESTORATION. Personal pride in WINTLE history. 1953 First subdivision by WINTLE family.
06.10 PIONEERING family. “Do it yourself”.
07.30 Story of keeping the project going with guidance. Expertise used. Study programmes.
09.20 JIM WINTLE resigned from Chairmanship of COMMITTEE. WILDLIFE REFUGE mentioned.
10.40 MANGAWHAI COMMUNITY future and benefits. Long discussion.
15.20 RESOURCE CONSENTS. Bureaucracy. Future planning.
18.00 Failure in not keeping records together. Book writing of story a possibility.
20.40 Other COASTLINE communities.
22.25 Problems with bureaucracy. Boundaries broken. BIG DIG illegality. Funding. Money problems. $350,000 eventual cost. GRANTS.
26.35 MANGAWHAI HARBOUR RESTORATION in relation to JIM WINTLE’s dreams. GAME FISHING possibilty. SAFETY. Progress.
29.25 DIfficulties encountered. COMMITTEE.

WINTLE Jim Tape 2 Side 1

00.00 Discussion re MANGAWHAI HARBOUR RESTORATION COMMITTEE and procedures debate. DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION and procedures.
03.10 Question of JIM WINTLE’s motives and involvement as leader. Discussion with interviewers.
07.15 Grandparents WINTLE house. Rambling conversation re BUND WALL and HARBOUR. WATER QUALITY. OYSTERS and STINGRAYS.
15.30 1991 3rd day description.
19.15 Community reaction. PIPIs, SHELLS and BUND WALL.

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