Memorabilia - Mangawhai History; 21-94


Memorabilia - Mangawhai History

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A collection of documents, memoirs, notes, and articles about the history of Mangawhai.

The collection includes..

A newspaper article published by 'Mangawhai Notes'.
Date 27th March 1876.
By Rambling Reporter.
Copy of original.
Subjects include Tara, transportation, quarry, hotel, McInnes, vineyards, Albertz.

A newspaper article with the title ' The Story of Mangawhai. Part 1. '
Dated March 1955.
Author: T J Gibson.
Published by Rodney Courier. Page 11.
Copied.The author acknowledges source of material from Alex Watts and Wana Paikea.
Subjects include 'The First Known Settlers of Mangawhai', 'The Name Mangawhai'

T J Gibson continued publishing Part 2, 9th March 1955. Subjects include ' The Fate of Te Whai and his People'

T J Wilson continued publishing Part 3, 23rd March 1955. Subjects include 'Land purchase Agreement', 'Boundaries of Mangawhai', Early Land Transactions', The pioneering of Mangawhai', 'Housing'.

Newspaper Article with the title ' A trip to Mangawai'. From the New Zealand Weekly News. Dated 1887.
Subjects include transportation, shipping, wharf, Wilson, Mangawai Highway Board.

Memoir written by Wayne Johnson. Title ' Mangawhai Heads in the 1950's and the 1960's. 6 pages.
Wayne writes about recollections of 50 years of visiting the family bach at Mangawhai Heads
Subjects include The Hunter Estate, Mangawhai Roads, Going to the Pub, Fishing, Before Electricity, Harbour, Estuary, North's Store, Gorse Patch Cinema, Milk and Water, Head Rock, Sentinel Rock, Mangawahi Heads Road, Surfing, Golf Course.

Memoir written by Joyce Wilson. Title 'My Home Town. Mangawhai Then and Now'. Dated 1990.
Joyce Wilson, nee Hartnell, arrived in Mangawhai with her parents and brothers in 1935. Her father managed the 'gorcery store' in Mangawhai Village.
She recounts family life in Mangawhai from 1935 to 1990.
Subjects include, Hartnells Store, transportation, roads, school, Miss Jefferson, movies, wartime, holidays, police, Niagara, Maingay, concerts, social events, Heads Camping ground.

Memoir written by Mrs Margaret A Brown with assistance from her sister Mrs Ada M Brown.
The title is 'Memories of Early Days.'
The memoir is dated 9th November 1979. There are 2 pages of the copied memoir.
Subjects include rowing to school by father (John Moir), Mr McKinnon, education, school, Watts, Family harbour, estuary, Captain Olsen, kauri, gum, Dalmation people, timber, Sarah Family, shop, store, Moir Family, Mooney Family, hotel, Show Day, Presbyterian Church, Mangawhai Village.

A time line with the title ' Te Mangawhai, Tara, Te Hakoru. Typed by Mangawhai Museum and Historical Society. Starts at 1185 to 1901. 4 pages.

There is an article with the title ' Some History from Brown's Road Area'
Subjects include Mad Camp, Mill at Quarry, Cashmore's Mill, Wilson's Track, Brown Family. 2 pages

There is a letter to Mrs T. N. Wood (Thelma) from Alexander Turnbull Library. Dated 4th September 1970.
Thelma wrote requesting names of settlers from 1935 onwards. The Library has replied with a list of publications that may be useful for further research.

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