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Oral History - HAWKES Betty

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Date: 30 September 2008

00.05 Introduction. View of Mangawhai Harbour, can see benefits of SAND DUNE RESTORATION
00.30 Moved to Mangawhai 1992. With husband and son ROBERT HAWKES.
00.50 HARBOUR RESTORATION started already. 2nd stage planting PINGAO plants and seeds.
01.15 First seed picking. Volunteers with MANGAWHAI HARBOUR RESTORATION SOCIETY.
01.40 Sacks from JIM WINTLE. Seeds collected without stalks from OCEAN VIEW ROAD. Windy.
03.00 NOEL FOSTER germinated seeds. Volunteers arrived to pot tiny seedlings. Some died.
03.40 Seedlings had fungal infection.
03.50 “WOMBLE PATCH” for seedlings to grow on MOLESWORTH DRIVE
04.35 Description of seedling care. Taken to farm on Jack Boyd Drive.
05.30 No water on Womble Patch. Water from JIM WINTLE’S yard.
06.25 Plants taken to SANDSPIT after a year. One foot high plants.
06.50 Many volunteers for first planting. Transport by boat.
07.30 Planting methods.
08.00 First planting on SANDSPIT near river mouth. Very first plants from Paremoremo. Learning.
08.50 BUND WALL planted, plants prefer shade with no wind.
09.15 SPINIFEX planted. Not successful, too scratchy for ladies. Men planted spinifex.
10.10 WOMBLE PATCH Christmas party.
11.00 IAN HAWKES offered their land for next nursery. Description of plants at various stages.
12.00 Grant applied for to build playhouse from KAIPARA COUNCIL. Not successful.
12.30 Polyhouse built. Worked in garage. Shade house built. Timber shelves from JAN DE BOER
13.55 Maintenance. STORM and polyhouse blew down.
14.30 JIM BATTEN, ALEX BLACK did repairs.
14.50 18 years of work. Original team members still going only AILSA DENNIS. Mr DENNIS helped IAN HAWKES on DREDGER (THOMAS MCKINNON). Other original volunteers: SHIRLEY GOODALL. BUNTY HIGGINS. WENDY CAMERON. MAY PAUL
16.20 Achievements. Ongoing work. Fun.
18.00 WOMBLE name history for group. Story for grandchildren.
18.45 WOMBLE CONCERT for MEMORIAL PLAQUE fundraising. Video made.
20.20 Boat to planting, no-one fell out but wet.
21.20 Now new younger planters. GO with JIM WINTLE on Saturdays.
22.15 Mondays at nursery. Plant growing routine description. Successful. Some problems with sand covering plants. Pohutakawas covered with sand.
25.30 Impact on life. Goes to nursery regularly. Family all involved. $1 peppercorn rate for land use.
30.00 New team of workers now for planting.

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