Family History - Ryan Family; 20-72


Family History - Ryan Family

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A collection of research material about the Ryan Family of Hakaru.

John Peter Ryan b 1832 d 1879 and Florence Henrietta Ryan, nee Faulkner b 1832 d 1901 were early European settlers of the Hakaru District.
The collection includes;

Family history of John and Florence and their descendants. They called their home at Hakaru 'Tyone'.
Subjects mentioned include, building a 'Chapel School House' at Hakaru which was opened in 1861. It was replaced in 1887 and the original church was shifted to Hukatere. There is also mention of the Mangawai Highway
Board, Mooney family, and the Graham family.

There is a memoir with the title 'Some Memories of Long Ago'. Author was called 'By Pioneer', who was Arabella Colthurst Ryan, known as Bell b 1856 d 1935. There are 4 photocopied pages from the original memoir.
The memoir was sent to Arabella's brother, Thomas Bagwell Hugh Ryan, known as Tho, b 1872 d 1984 and Gilberta Elizabeth Ryan, nee Monks, b 1886 d 1948. The subjects mentioned in the memoir include life in early
Auckland with special reference to a prominent windmill, living in the bush at Hakaru as a child, moreporks, local Maori, bushfires.

There are 2 obituaries, each of 1 page.
The first obituary is for Mr Edwin Henry Ryan, b 1877 d 1956. Edwin married Mary Louisa Ryan, nee McLeod b 1876 d 1956. They lived in the Waipu District.
The second obituary is for Mary Jane Ryan, nee Mooney, b 1852 d 1936. Mary married John Henry Ryan, b 1852 d 1928 and they resided at Hakaru.

There is a photocopy of an original certificate dated 16th September 1868.
It shows the appointment of John Ryan, of Mangawai, to be a Coroner within the province of Auckland.

There is a photocopy of an original agreement between Jonas Smyth, timber merchant of Pukekaroro and Arthur Faulkner Ryan for the sale or purchase of Kauri timber. Dated 10th Feb 1890

There is a will which is three photocopied pages from an original letter that Florence Henrietta Ryan nee Faulkner wrote stating her intentions for her property when she dies.

Finally there is Ryan family information regarding Burkes Peerage (Butler), Crest and Motto.

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