Book - Penman - Ross Family Heritage; 20-56


Book - Penman - Ross Family Heritage

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Title: Penman - Ross Family Heritage
Compiled by: Bob Thompson
Published: December 2009

A collection of available information about the pioneering Penman and Ross families as the settled in New Zealand.
It follows Robert Sinclair Ross b 1826 d 1909 and Christina Ross nee Munro b 1831 d 1886 and their descendants.
It also follows John Hunter Penman and Margaret Penman nee Brown, who married in 1856, and their descendants.
The families settled in the Te Arai and Kaiwaka districts.

Subjects mentioned include family trees, death notices, a reunion in 2005, Penman's Bush, Te Arai, Kaiwaka, Great North Road, Thames gold fields, family life while growing up, Baptist Church, 'The Rocks' which was James Arthur Penman b 1865 d 1955 and Maria Penman nee Ross b 1866 d 1917 , family home in Mt Albert, Auckland. Further subjects were the Highland Clearances in Scotland, and family letters.

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