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Letters - Logue Family

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A collection of 5 original handwritten letters.
Written by Ellen Mary Logue b 1873 d 1896.
To Honora McGrath, known as Nora.
Dates range from 1892 to 1896.

Ellen was living with her parents, James Logue and Catherine Logue, nee Sweeney when she wrote the letters. The address was ' Woodland, Te Arai".
She died of tuberculosis, known at that time as consumption.

Nora was the 4th daughter of Patrick and Margaret McGrath, nee Wilson. She was sent, at the age of 4 years, to her mother's sister, Catherine Gozar, nee Wilson, known as Kate and George Gozar who lived at Te Arai. Kate and George raised Nora until the age of 13 years.

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