Land Information - Mangawhai; 20-39


Land Information - Mangawhai

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A collection of information regarding land in the Mangawhai District.

It includes;

An original 7 page Town Planners Report. Dated 28/08/1980. To the Otamatea County Council. From Murray - North Partners.
Information on Mangawhai Village Motor Camp, Mangawhai Village, Mangawhai Heads, buildings and Domain.

An original 23 page statement. By Bruce Allan Tubb D.O.C. To the Otamatea County Council.
Regarding a submission supporting the Dep.t of Conservation's objection to the proposed Scheme Change No 3, which rezones rural land at Mangawhai Heads from rural to residential. Date unknown.

Emails. Dated 19/02/2008 & 28/02/2008. Between Lois Francis and John Bull of the Mangawhai Museum.
Lois was enquiring about Coal Hill Rehabilitation Land allotted to post W.W.2 Soldiers. Family names mentioned, Phillips, Curran, Ball, Allen, Anderson, Williams, Heywood and Francis.

Endowment Land Information.
8 pages. From 1864 - 1966,
Information includes a definition of area as at 1982, maps and time frame.
A letter to the CEO of Otamatea County Council from Thorne Dallas Parkinson and McGregor, Barrister and Solicitor. Dated 28/04/1983. Regarding a sale of a leasehold section by Tender.
An original two page, hand written article. Title: Facts on Endowment Land at Mangawhai. Researched by Alex Watts. Dated 31/08/1966.

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