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Certificate: G L Thwaites

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Certificate appointing Gladys Lillian Thwaites to the rank of Sister in the New Zealand Army Nursing Service. Dated 16h July 1947. Pink seal on the bottom left of King George 6th.

Gladys Thwaites was Matron of the hospital ship "Maunganui" during WW II. She also established military hospitals in Fiji and Samoa. Was awarded the Royal Red Cross medal for services during WW II. Retired from nursing circa 1960. She spent her time in Mangawhai visiting her sister (Viv Foote) when on holiday from work. Unmarried. Worked in the nursing profession all her life.

Gladys received "Order of Lady of Royal Red Cross" from the Governor General. In 1940 Gladys helped establish 2 Military Hospitals in Fiji.

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