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Letters - Grey Family

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Two photocopied letters written to Zoe Smith, of Dry Creek, Auckland from Zoe Smith of Te Arai. Dates include 10/3/early 1900's (after 1906) and 14/9/1917.

Zoe Smith's parents were Walter Cross (her step-father) and Lousie Cross nee Smith. Thelma Grey was approximately 16 years old.

Subjects include trying to buy a farm in the Warkworth area. Fishing at the sandhills and eel fishing. Calving season. Te Arai and the Lakes. A storm which washed out the Mangawai bridge, prevented the trains running, SS Kawau could not cross the Mangawai bar for a week, Tomarata District was without mail for 3 weeks. The Clemenses Family ran the Post Office.

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