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Family History - Sturch Family

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A collection of information regarding the Sturch Family.
The collection includes...
A Family Tree entitled "Descendants of John Sturch." Information on John Sturch b. 1796 d. 1873 and Mary Sturch nee Harris, b. 1837 d. 1866. They arrived in NZ in 1858 on the 'Evening Star' with their children. They lived at Hakaru and Mangawhai.

Family History document with the title, "Families of pioneers that settled in Mangawhai and surrounding districts.- Sturch" This document has information on John Sturch and Mary Sturch and their descendants. Includes photographs.

A novelty cheque to Mrs Sturch from Caroline 'A'. Dated December 1895. The cheque was for 1,000 kind greetings. An original voucher in excellent condition.

Family history document with the title " Family - Sturch". Information regarding John Sturch and Mary Sturch.

Some of these items are part of a large collection donated by Bev Ross which includes photographs, documents, books, research materials, and letters covering many families that were settlers in Mangawhai and surrounding districts.

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