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Family Tree - Dinnison

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A collection of documents regarding the Dinnison Family in New Zealand.

It includes two Family Trees regarding John Dinnison b 1806 d 1878 and Elizabeth Dinnison nee Leask b 1805 d 1897 and their descendants.
A newsletter regarding Patrick and Mary Dinnison, nee Elphinstone of the Orkneys , c 1700's and those descendants who settled in New Zealand.
There is also a transcript titled 'My Search for Bessie's Roots'. Written by Margaret Gentil nee McKenzie, dated March 2011. Margaret Gentil has written up her her search regarding Elizabeth Archer known as Bessie. Bessie was possibly adopted by Donald McAllister McLeod and family of Tanekaha.research on Elizabeth Archer, known as Bessie.

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