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Family History - Farrand Family

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Two articles written on the Farrand Family history by descendants of John West, b 1799 d 1882. These are copies of originals.
John West had 3 wives.
His first marriage was to Susanna West, nee Staniland d 1845. His second marriage was to his housekeeper, Elizabeth West, nee Gurney, d 1859. His third marriage was to Elizabeth West, nee Mason, in Auckland c 1862.

Elizabeth West, nee Mason, was previously married to Daniel Farrand, b 1793 d 1861. She became a widow and emigrated to New Zealand with her stepson George on the 'Matilda Wattenbach' 1862. Her other stepson, William Bleckly Farrand arrived in New Zealand later.

Daniel Farrand's first wife was Caroline Farrand nee Bleckly. They had three sons.
William Bleckly Farrand b 1838 d 1918, Samuel Farrand 1840 D 1853 (died at 12 years) and George Farrand b 1843 d 1902

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