Photographs [Perrin Collection]; [?]; Late 1800s - early-mid 1900s; 2010.781


Photographs [Perrin Collection]

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Photographs; a collection of 28 photographs. Most are mounted on card. Subjects include single and group studio portraits, snapshots, and photographs taken at wood-chopping events.

1. Studio portrait of a woman, c1900-1910.
2. Studio portrait of a woman, c1890-1900s. Photographed by Appleby.
3. Studio portrait of a gentleman. Photographed by Wootton, Invercargill. Mounted in heavy paper folder.
4. Studio portrait of a soldier. World War One/Two. Photographed by Wrigglesworth & Binns.
5. Studio portrait of a gentleman. Photographed by Morris.
6. Group studio portrait, two men, woman and girl [wedding?]. Photographed by Pattilla, 1923.
7. Studio portrait of a young woman c1880-1890s. Photographed by H J Gill, Dunedin.
8. Studio portrait of a woman. Photographed by Chas J Morton, Balclutha.
9. Studio portrait of a man, wearing a beret. Photographed by Del Mar Studios. Mounted in heavy card folder.
10. Studio portrait of a woman, printed on card: 'Platinotype / Melbourne / Sydney'. Photographed by The Swiss Studios, Melbourne.
11. Studio portrait of a woman in white. Late 1800s. Photographed by the Mora Studio, Gore.
12. Studio portrait of a young girl, late 1800s?. Photographed by Chas J Morton, Balclutha.
13. Group studio portrait of four women, three in nurse uniforms, early 1900s. Photographed by Wootton, Invercargill.
14. Studio portrait of a young woman, late 1800s? Photographed by Rutherford & Co, Dunedin.
15. Studio portrait of a young woman, white blouse. 1890-1910?
16. Studio portrait of two young women, late 1800s. Photographed by Fred W Burrell, Invercargill.
17. Studio portrait of two young boys in sailor outfits.
18. Studio portrait of a woman, lace collar and cuffs. Late 1800s. Photographed by Chas J Morton, Balclutha.
19. Snapshot, two men either side of a tree.
20. Framed snapshot of an elderly couple and young boy.
21. Group photograph of wedding party on house verandah.
22. Snapshot of men after a wood-chopping competition, spectators in background. Photographed by H Mull/Hull?.
23. Snapshot of competitor in wood-chopping competition.
24. Snapshot of an elderly woman reading a book outdoors. Early 1900s.
25. Snapshot of a pair of competitors in a cross-cut sawing competition.
26. Snapshot of a large group of men, women and children. At picnic?
27. Colour photograph of Tautuku Bay from Florence Hill lookout.
28. Snapshot of 10 men and women outdoors.

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Date Made

Late 1800s - early-mid 1900s

Inscription and Marks

2010.781.10 - Handwritten on reverse: 'Happy New / Year'

2010.781.15 - Handwritten on reverse: 'To Sis / with love & / best wishes / From / Louie Wilkins'

2010.781.26 - Handwritten on reverse: 'Mrs Behrens, Owaka'












1. h 190mm x w 104mm
2. h 185mm x w 137mm
3. h 260mm x w 150mm
4. h 225mm x w 148mm
5. h 150mm x w 104mm
6. h 241mm x w 287mm
7. h 176mm x w 130mm
8. h 166mm x w 109mm
9. h 192mm x w 136mm
10. h 173mm x w 170mm
11. h 200mm x w 150mm
12. h 110mm x w 110mm
13. h 124mm x w 86mm
14. h 105mm x w 63mm
15. h 226mm x w 152mm
16. h 206mm x w 156mm
17. h 162mm x w 103mm
18. h 174mm x w 131mm
19. h 138mm x w 86mm
20. h 163mm x w 107mm
21. h 196mm x w 246mm
22. h 302mm x w 253mm
23. h 128mm x w 128mm
24. h 138mm x w 86mm
25. h 128mm x w 128mm
26. h 106mm x w 164mm
27. h 116mm x w 164mm
28. h 60mm x w 84mm



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technology, photography

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recreation. leisure, sports

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processed material, paper.
processed material, paper, cardboard.
processed material, metal.

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From the collection of Owaka Museum Wahi Kahuika The Meeting Place "a rest on your journey"

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