Genealogical Document, History of Catlins Postal Services and a Tour of the Catl...


Genealogical Document, History of Catlins Postal Services and a Tour of the Catlins, Houipapa Railway Station Refreshment Rooms

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A History of Postal Services in the Catlins by John S G Cameron, newspaper article from The Clutha Leader, January 22, 1988 on Catlins mail, and copy of 'Southern Otago Tour, Catlin's or the Owaka District' by Mr J T Bryant, Owaka.

Names and histories of post offices in the Catlins including names of staff at all offices, examples of cancellation stamps, history of railway.

A tour of the Catlins written for the series 'New Zealand Tours and Excursions' and published by John Mackay, Govt. Printer, Wellington N.Z., 1897.

Copy of Bulletin Number 18, September 1996 from The Hocken, Friends of the Hocken Collections listing information on publications relating to the Catlins.

Copy of 1893 Petition for Suffrage list signed by Owaka (Owake) residents, (National Archives of New Zealand).

Copy of list of Owaka Police constables from 1899 to 1990.

Houipapa Railway Station Refreshment Rooms

George Chapman-Cohen, Dr Ross Marshall, Robert Dyson, Bruce Marshall.

'Tom Douglas Gang', 'Miles Gang', 'Slow Gang', 'Three and Ninepence Gang'.

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Oceania, New Zealand, South Island, The Catlins

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genealogy, personal and family names

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political rights. practical politics, suffrage

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history of Oceania, New Zealand, local history and description

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history, description and travel

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criminology, criminal justice administration, police. detectives. constabulary.

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railroad engineering and operation, railway construction

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railway refreshment rooms

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post office,
postal services,
railway refreshment rooms
New Zealand tours

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From the collection of Owaka Museum Wahi Kahuika, The Meeting Place "a rest on your journey".

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