Panoramic Camera; Eastman Kodak Company; c 1900 - 1926; 1970.56.2


Panoramic Camera

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This No.1 Panoram Kodak camera is manufactured by Eastman Kodak Company of New York, USA and takes panoramic views covering a 112 degree angle on size 105 roll film. The wide angle photograph is created by a lens that swings through a 180 degree arc. It was donated with a brown leather case with clip fastener and long leather strap attached.

The model of camera was introduced in 1900 and discontinued in 1926. It does not have a conventional shutter, instead the film is exposed as the lens swings in an arc. The lever on the camera top is put in place according to the direction the photographer wants the lens to move. A button next to the lever enabled it to be released and the lens moves around. The lens can move in either direction and the lever can be latched in two areas, the fastest of the two positions creates more spring tension and a faster sweep then the closer position.

The body of the camera is made of wood and covered in black leather. There are two spirit levels by the camera strap and on top of the camera. This model was designed to take both vertical and horizontal shots although few examples of verticals from this type of camera can be found. They may well have been used to photograph tall trees or buildings.

In years past in schools, colleges, businesses and military establishments, people were lined up to be photographed. A panoramic camera was used to take the pictures, the lens moved around slowly photographing everybody. When the picture was developed the same student could appear on both the left and right sides of the very long picture.

Once the filming has started on the left, they would run around behind the layers of students, reappearing in time to be photographed at the right end of the picture.


Eastman Kodak Company

Maker Role


Date Made

c 1900 - 1926

Place Made

Rochester, New York, U.S.A

Medium and Materials

Leather, glass, metal & wood

Inscription and Marks

"No.1 Panoram-Kodak"
"Pat. Sept. 25, 1894 Other Pats. Applied For"
"Made by Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester, N.Y, U.S.A."


185mm L x 103mm W x 80mm H

Credit Line

Donated by Mr Don Wilson, Whangarei Museum, Kiwi North

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All rights reserved


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